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Art Emerge is an artist-owned online art gallery based in Los Angeles, CA. We simplify art collection by hand-selecting talented artists, curating their online exhibitions, and making their works available online globally. We also often connect our artists directly with collectors to ensure you find the perfect piece of artwork that's right for you and you'll love.  

We work with emerging and established artists with the goal of promoting their most inspiring works. Properly vetting artists can be overwhelming– so we've created a short list of artists with promising careers, exceptional resumes, and track records of producing award-winning beautiful art. Our artists are exceptional and collectible. 

We provide a personalized service to our collectors as well as artists.  Our unique vetting process involves several important factors critical to the collectabiliy of the artist, including the artist's resume, recent exhibitions, auction records, the artwork's provenance, subject matter, and our team's analysis of the artist's career trajectory.


Our Artist Selection Process

Art Emerge has a unique process for vetting the merit and collectibility of our artists. We do with diligence for you so that you can focus on the most important part– finding an inspiring piece of art the you love. 

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Ready to Start an Art Collection?

Just follow these 3 steps...


Find a piece of art that inspires you

The most important part of beginning your art collection is finding a piece (or pieces) that you love. Collectors often connect with both the artist and the piece, both of which are great conversation starters.


Purchase and install your artwork  

Your journey of art collection begins the moment you purchase your first piece. Install the work and make sure it's perfect for your space (free shipping and a 7-day money back guarantee if you don't love it helps).


Love your art- or return it

Great art takes any space to the next level. Whether your goal is to have beautiful art, collect talented artists, or contribute to the art community– you're in good hands with us. We will help you find art you love. 

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