Curated by Cynthia Penna

Late Winter Storms: FRAGILITY

by Curator Cynthia Penna, Founder of Art 1307

Nature communicates through a non-explicit language that requires our attention. Often, we fail to interpret this language due to our superficial understanding of it. In this exhibition, we attempt to make Nature's secret language explicit by exploring the interferences between Time and Nature, and between Matter and Nature. We aim to interpret the often-ignored messages that the environment sends us, particularly those communicated by trees, leaves, and the surrounding landscape.

Through a vast vocabulary of lines, marks, shapes, and colors found in Nature, the artists aim to highlight the subtle balance between Man and Nature. This balance is delicate and fragile, and it appears to have deteriorated over time. However, it is not yet completely broken. Man and Nature coexist on the same complex of elements that we call our planet or system, and this whole system is precariously balanced.

Nature is already aware of the imbalance that is occurring and is sending us messages through climate change, global warming, storms, and floods. These are all warning messages that call for our attention and help.

The artists' works are all bathed in an aura of bewilderment, in a disorienting atmosphere. Nature is depicted as wounded, contaminated, violated, and distorted. As guardians and gardeners of our environment, we must be aware of our destiny and penetrate the secret language that Nature communicates to us. This language is a single texture made of air, water, and sunshine, which are all essential to our survival.

The impermanence of our earthly existence must not disorient or distort our purpose, which is to keep alive the subtle balance between human beings and the environment that surrounds us. Creativity is the only answer because it is the only way we can bring forth and maintain that fragile texture and balance between man and nature that allows us to survive.

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