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Williamson’s latest abstract contemporary paintings emanate symbolism rooted in his use of color and number theory to convey introspection into society’s value systems today. Art and creativity have always been a source of peace and reflection.

Over the course of several months, Los Angeles-based artist Todd Williamson developed a unique application process for oil painting—a traditional medium that he now provides a new meaning and reinterpretation for. By wiping, sanding, scraping, and dry-brushing, over and over again, until the level of opacity and subtle color variations is achieved, Williamson creates unique layers of dreamlike palettes onto the canvas.  Some colors float on the surface, broken only by small squares of deeper colors that are then sliced through with darker paint, metaphorically referencing the elusiveness of life’s stability and permanence. 

The overall effect of this stunning new series is powerfully reflective of the tremendous emotional and psychological challenges and transitions that have occurred during this last couple of years, and of the human spirit’s tenacity and ability to hold out during the most trying times in our most recent collective history. Williamson poetically captures the complicated and almost surreal space we have lived, not only as individuals but also as part of the collective.

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