Conversation: Uncertain Times for Artists and the Artworld

ArtEmerge conversation with Artist Todd Williamson

What are you most concerned about looking toward the near future as an artist?

We’re living in uncertain times. I have concerns about my European market because of the war in Ukraine and the shrinking economy in Europe and the US. I have a number of upcoming exhibitions in Germany and Switzerland.  Some collectors may want to wait and see what happens in the winter before committing to art purchases, although the art market has weathered most economic issues in recent years much better than any other investment. 

I also have concerns about the supply chain.  Many of the products I work with are difficult for me to get now and I’m still having issues getting the supplies I need. We have become such a global society that when one nation suffers, we all suffer and to the same extent, if they prosper, we prosper.  

My galleries and art reps around the world have been having the same conversations with me. Supply chain issues with shipping art are problematic. Even insuring the art during shipping is more difficult now and usually needs to be covered by the gallery or artist if something happens. Uncertainty with the economy and art market has a lot of us questioning what our next moves should be. I’m optimistic that things will get better, but I’m not clear when. 

What are your near terms concerns? How has your business been effected by the war or the economy? Have you been experiencing similar issues? If so, have you been able to overcome them? We’d love to hear from you.